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Z. A. Builders has been building and remodeling properties in Karachi’s of finest region Defence since 2011. Our excellent construction team and on-site professionals include highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Our primary focus is real estate development, and Z. A. Builders has built numerous premium residential, commercial and retail properties throughout Defence. We are known for developing properties with a strong sense of place in Karachi’s brilliant landscape.

Since our inception, we have been seeking out properties in Defence and have developed them to reach their fullest potential through our integrity and great design. Over the years, Z. A. Builders has established a reputation of excellence and reliability. We differentiate ourselves from the rest through our passion for great design, location, development and most importantly, people.

After the completion of multiple successful projects, Z. A. Builders has set its sights on expanding to high-rise building projects in Baharia Town, Karachi.